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The Spirit, distinguishing from such
revelry the divine service, sings, Praise Him
with the sound of trumpet; for with sound
of trumpet He shall raise the dead. Praise Him
on the psaltery; for the tongue is the psaltery
of the Lord. And praise Him on the lyre.
By the lyre is meant the mouth struck by the Spirit,
as it were by a plectrum. Praise with the timbrel and the dance, refers to the Church meditating on the
resurrection of the dead in the resounding skin.
Praise Him on the chords and organ. Our body He
calls an organ, and its nerves are the strings, by
which it has received harmonious tension, and
when struck by the Spirit, it gives forth human
voices. Praise Him on the clashing cymbals. He
calls the tongue the cymbal of the mouth, which
resounds with the pulsation of the lips.

St. Clement of Alexandria

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