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The tears flowed from me when I
heard your hymns and canticles,
for the sweet singing of your Church
moved me deeply. The music surged
in my ears, truth seeped into my
heart, and my feelings of devotion
overflowed, so that the tears streamed
down. But they were tears of gladness.

St. Augustine


AGES Digital Chant Stand
St. Anthony's Monastery Music
AGES Digital Chant Stand
Isokratis Piano
Byzantine Ison

Byzantine Choir Materials

Divine Liturgy Book

Version 2019-07-22. Added the texts for the Beatitudes and music for the Church hymn.

Memorial Service Chants

Version 2019-07-29. Corrected some orthography, minor translation issue.


Version 2019-04-02. Containing the Pre-Epistle Prokeimena and Pre-Gospel Alleluias in all 8 Modes. An index has been added for easier navigation.

Triodion Psalm 50 and Idiomela

Posted 2019-02-11. AGES/Dedes version of Psalm 50 in Mode pl. 4 and Triodion Idiomela

Wedding Chants

Posted 2019-02-26. Tested and Revised Music for the Wedding Service

Matins Book - Mode 1

Version 2017-08-10.

Matins Book - Mode 2

Version 2017-08-24. Bookmarks added.

Matins Book - Mode 3

Version 2017-08-25. Corrected Lauds stichera. Added bookmarks.

Matins Book - Mode 4

Version 2017-08-16.

Matins Book - Plagal 1

Version 2017-07-18.

Matins Book - Plagal 2

Version 2017-07-24.

Matins Book - Grave

Version 2017-07-25.

Matins Book - Plagal 4

Version 2018-01-17. Changed the Glory and Theotokion of Kathisma I to simpler melodies. Changed the opening of Lauds to the version available in the Musical Ark.

Dormition Vespers

Version 2017-08-09. Chants and readings August 14 Vespers.

Matins and Liturgy for Our Lord's Nativity

Version 2018-12-14. Chants and readings for December 25 Matins and Liturgy.

Epiphany Music Book

Version 2019-03-01. Complete Music and Texts for Epiphany Matins and Liturgy. Corrected version uploaded 1/12/19.

Other Assets

Course Curriculum 2017

This is the layout of the Byzantine Music Classes for 2017.

Matins Ordinary

This is the AGES Digital Chant Stand version of the preliminary Matins readings. It has been reformatted from the original for ease-of-reading purposes.

Margaziotis - Melodic Exercises, Part 1

This book, here divided into parts 1 and 2, is a Greek-language textbook for learning Byzantine Music Notation and practicing parallage. Although written in Greek, someone took the pains of translating parts of the text and placing 100s of comment notes in the text.

Margaziotis - Melodic Exercises, Part 2
Psiliacos - Byzantine Eccl. Music

This text is an English-language essential for learning Byzantine Music notation.

Mode Mnemonics

Written by Jessica Suchy-Pilalis, this booklet gives vital aids in memorizing the characteristics of each of the Modes. Written using Western notation.

Ison Chart

This booklet charts the movements of the ison for each Mode and Style.

HTM - Prosomia Book

For students learning the Prosomia as sung by the monks of Holy Transfiguration Monastery, this text can be of help. Written using Western notation.

Anastasimatarion of Petros Lampadarios

This is a modern (2013) edition of the Anastasimatarion of Petros Lampadarios, the Peloponnesian (c. 1735 - 1778). The Greek text contains the hymns for Vespers and Matins that are sung each Sunday in all 8 Modes.

Tradition and Renewal in Contemporary Greek Orthodox Psalmody

Alexander Lingas writes an essay concerning our modern handling of Orthodox liturgical practices and how we can improve them.

Titles: Cantors' Offices and Vestments

George Duvall's translation of Emmanuel Giannopoulos' text. Using historical data, Giannopoulos describes the many and varied titles of the musicians who served in the Great Church of Constantinople and presents evidence of the liturgical garments they wore.

Breaking the Beat

A tutorial that explains the function of the gorgon, digorgon and trigorgon.